thinking outside
the box
is our main trait

our unique production and technological solutions derived from our experience allow us to turn any vision and design
into the reality since 1979


years of experience

AVE group is a combined experience in multiple technological fields gained throughout more than two decades



spectrum of activities and our own production capacities give us an advantage on the market due to the elasticity for any new projects 

our specializations

technological support

Our main competitive advantage is over twenty years of experience, our own technological solutions, and production capabilities based on family-owned plants. Our team always approaches each project holistically, where we utilize our knowledge from many fields simultaneously. Additionally, our specialists are eager to advise on planning or implementing European Union projects related to technology, renewable energy sources, or AI.



We are able to deliver tailor-made electronic solutions. We have a vast experience in creating complex systems in multiple industries. We usually work on our specialised solutions based on ATMEL, STM8, STM32 series, ARM Cortex M3, M7, Fujitsu FR361 or ESP32 microcontrollers. Moreover we are able to create a solution from scratch, from a diagram to fully functional devices.

software & IT

Our capabilities range from AI and Big Data to microcontroller programming. We can also develop mobile and desktop applications. We use C or C++ to program controllers using various protocols, including DMX 512, Art-Net 4, Ethernet, CAN 2.0, SPI, and I2C, on IDE platforms such as Visual Studio GDB, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, CodeVisionAVR, or Raisonance RKit-STM8.


All our our capabilities combined together give us an advantage on the market due to the specifics of our operation, where most of our ventures are 1 of 1 projects.

What most consider a tough challenge is usually just a regular everyday project for us.



safe active pedestrian crossings
traffic monitoring


advanced products for multiple industries 

more projects

a few projects selected from our portfolio


smart city solutions
urban design 

our start-up

Polski Biogaz

a smart solution for multiple problems

modular / simple / affordable
efficiency improved by almost 20%
end product reduced to less than 10% 

The best way to predict the future is to create it.