More than two decades of experience and our own technological solutions are our main competitive advantages. Our team always approaches every project holistically, where the engineering usually plays an important role. 



We are able to deliver tailor-made electronic solutions. We have a vast experience in creating complex systems in multiple industries. We usually work on our specialised solutions based on ATMEL, STM8, STM32 series, ARM Cortex M3, M7, Fujitsu FR361 or ESP32 microcontrollers. Moreover we are able to create a solution from scratch, from a diagram to fully functional devices.  


software & IT

The spectrum of our capabilities ranges from the AI & Big Data to programming microcontrollers. Additionally we are able to develop mobile or desktop apps. We use C or C++ for programming controllers based on DMX 512, Art-Net 4, Ethernet, CAN 2.0 protocols on Visual GDB, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, IAR Embedded Workbench for ATMEL, CodeVisionAVR or Raisonance RKit-STM8



All our our capabilities combined together give us an advantage on the market due to the specifics of our operation, where most of our ventures are 1 of 1 projects.

What most consider a tough challenge is usually just a regular everyday project for us.

selected projects

interactive park benches with dynamic lighting

Installations were designed and created as a part of a project focused on the Lubań city parkways revitalisation in spring 2023.

The electronics is based on our in-house solutions for dynamic lighting. It allows users to control the scenes using their smartphone and dedicated app. 

kinetic & dynamic
lighting installation

Solution created for our partner company Lasvit. It was an extremely demanding venture where the final result was possible thanks to the fusion of the art, physics and technology. 

310 individually controlled motors, CAN, SPI control, STM32F4 microcontrollers, custom-made drivers for motors, with all mechanical and electrical construction including software created by AVE. The installation is also controlled by dedicated mobile app. 

dubai opera - main chandelier 

More than 5 tonne installation lit by nearly 3,000 individually controlled internal LED sources. Project done for our partner company Lasvit.

Electronics, production, installation on site & custom made management software.

dynamic lighting installations for a private yacht 

Series of three tailor-made chandeliers for a private mega-yacht to be delivered in autumn 2023. 

We created a solution that according to our clients needs, resembles clouds on the sky. To achieve this effect we needed to prepare a dedicated lighting management solution. Each piece consists of thousands of elements including lighting sources.

Polski biogaz

Our start-up in which we are responsible for all the electrical, technological and software aspects. Its goal is creating modular & mobile biogas plants with AI management. 


RTU ModBus protocol, RS-233, I2C, 1-Wire plus analog and digital read GPIO, WiFi or MQTT. This demanding project involved multiple traditional and newest technologies in terms of electronics and software.

Cleaner-Polisher &
Electrochemical Marker

An example of one of our own products dedicated to handyman, DIY and companies involved in metal production. 

Microprocessor controlled device for marking and cleaning metal elements, especially stainless steel. With a power of 500W and a current efficiency of 20A, it allows you to clean almost any surface.

burners designed for
oxygen & plasma cutting

Cutters were numerically controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor control system, integrated with a device with high resistance to external conditions. The version with height compensation, operating in the architecture of a multiprocessor network connected by fiber optics, allows the optional use of a PC as a terminal visualizing the cutting process and managing the system.

We produced and sold more than 500 pieces in the whole Europe and most of our burners work till today in our clients workshops.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.