our story

the beginning 


our story dates back to 1979 when we opened our first, family owned  local workshop producing simple metal components and automotive parts 

advanced machines


due to a huge demand on the market and thriving metal production industry in Poland we started a  Comprehensive  production of our own plasma and oxygen cutting machines 

luxury bespoke lighting


in 1999 we began designing and manufacturing luxury lighting installation for our customers all around the world, where we benefitted from our strategic location among numerous polish and Czech glass mills and from the know-how of german professionals

city lighting 


we started developing our own smart city solutions based on our own design of led based street lights

smart city solutions


City 5.0 is combining together all of our solutions created throughout many years including urban design & lighting, nfc technology, emergency or tourist stands and so on...

the future


the future for us is strictly related to innovation and eco friendly solutions. thus our new venture is a challenge of creating biogas plants of the new generation 

The best way to predict the future is to create it.